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Let’s face it, patients sitting in a doctor’s office have prioritized their health, and are taking action. Whether they’re there for a yearly check-up, follow-up visit, recent illness or managing a chronic condition, they’re all seeking information and solutions that will lead them towards a healthy path.

Why Point-of-Care Matters and Works

Constant Media is proud to support the POC patient education environment by providing science-based, highly trusted educational content, designed to enhance and contribute to results for patients and physicians. Our rich roster of content is available through a variety of state-of-the-art in-office media assets, and is designed to educate, inspire and motivate patients to take action as they work to optimize their health!

The Facts on Patient Education

The reality is patients and caregivers are overwhelmed and confused today about what information to follow when it comes to managing their health and that of those they care for.

Clearly, proactive patients are those that visit their doctors, are informed and adhere to the agreed upon treatment protocols and behavioral changes necessary to optimize their health.

While only 20% of today’s consumers are proactive about their health and actually living a healthy lifestyle, another nearly 62% are trying to be healthier. Making the decision to visit their doctor for annual checkups and seeing them when they’re experiencing some type of a health condition or illness demonstrates a step in the right direction.

The Facts

  • 88% of consumers state that the goal of healthy living is a struggle
  • 42% of consumers believe there is too much content available which makes it confusing to determine which content is accurate and best to follow
  • 82% of consumers have seen a HCP 2x+ in past year
  • 40% of patients recognize seeing ads in their doctor’s office
  • Of those patients going to the doctor, 87% have been diagnosed with an ailment/condition and were 41% more likely to recall POC ads
  • 90% value their HCP as a major source for healthcare information
  • Patients find POC advertising trustworthy, credible and useful
  • 35% of patients find value in pharmaceutical ads at POC and trust the information presented
  • POC enriches conversation and contributes to a better relationship between physicians and patients. Of those that enjoyed a better relationship with their doctors, 68% were more inclined to request doctor a prescription, and 2/3 claim they enjoy excellent rapport with their doctors
  • Content-rich, high-tech media assets elevate the caliber of the physician office and reinforce the practice’s commitment to patient education.

Sources: Kantar Media and Mintel

Our Content Partners

Constant Media’s POC efforts have been most effective when highly trusted; science-based patient education content is provided.

We continue to partner with some of the leading content providers in their respective areas of expertise to ensure that our content is poised to help patients make great choices when it comes to feeling better and living healthier lives. Examples of some of our premier partners include:

Our Physician Footprint & Specialties

Constant Media’s Point-of-Care footprint presently extends into more than 20,000 physician offices, across 26 different specialties.

Depending upon the size of your practice and specialty, our patient volume typically ranges from 500-5000 patients per month, representing more than 120,000,000 patient visits monthly through our network.

Our In-Office Media Assets

Constant Media has developed an arsenal of media tactics, all designed to engage with patients and caregivers while they wait to meet with their doctors—in the waiting room and/or exam room.

Availability of assets varies on a per-office basis, depending on physician preferences and sponsorship interest. Our goal is to ensure that patients are given the best information possible during this experience to guide and support them in their wellness journey and to enhance their conversations with their doctors.

To learn more about our in-office assets, please visit For Physicians or For Advertisers

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