About Constant Media

Launched in December 2011, Constant Media specializes in creating and distributing custom-designed Point-of-Care content and media campaigns. Our network began with a small number of physician offices and has grown exponentially in the past five years to now more than 20,000 offices.

Our Mission

Constant Media is a health and wellness education-based company, displaying media content within doctors’ offices and committed to arming patients and healthcare providers (HCPs) with the latest and most trusted science-based information. Our media assets are designed to improve patient/physician dialogue, treatment therapies and drug adherence in an attempt to inspire lifestyle change that can lead to better health outcomes and disease management.

Who We Are Today

We’ve become one of the dominant players in the Point-Of-Care (POC) space with a growing network comprised of over 20,000 physician offices catering to 26 specialty fields. We are able to deliver hyper-targeted media campaigns placed amongst highly relevant, content rich, state-of-the art media assets strategically placed within waiting rooms and exam rooms of doctors’ offices throughout the USA.

Physicians, patients and caregivers engage with our content to develop individualized treatment protocols that are achievable and designed to help them live happier and healthier lives. Our targeted content leads to enhanced patient/physician dialogue and increasing NrX lift.

Get to Know Us

Our team is committed to expanding health and wellness education through the creation and marketing of highly-trusted content, presented on innovative, state of the art media assets in qualified physician offices. Each of us “walks the walk” in an effort to market content that inspires, educates and improves lives.

Wills Robbins

Founder and CEO

Chris Piombino


Lori Burgess

VP Marketing & Customer Development

Jennifer Castel

Point-of-Care Recruitment Director

Wills Robbins is the Founder & CEO of Constant Media, a leading provider of Point-of-Care media (POC).

Since its inception in 2011, Constant Media has provided innovative POC programs to a wide range of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and is credited with enhancing many patient experiences in physician offices.

The patient education programs Wills has developed represent a variety of media tactics from static Wallboards, Waiting Room TV, Tablets, Digital Wallboards and our trademarked Mobile Wi-Fi HotSpot network—winner of the Bronze Award for Innovation at the 2016 DTC Conference.

Prior to founding Constant Media, Wills Robbins was VP Sales at Elite Sampling & Media Group since 2003 where he developed many POC programs for top pharmaceutical and CPG companies.

Chris Piombino is the Co-founder & COO of Constant Media.

Since its creation, Constant Media has been leading the POC field in innovative technologies to help better enhance and engage the patient education experience.

Chris operates and manages business logistics for Constant Media and champions best practices for an efficient, world-class patient experience. He works closely with our POC Recruitment and Tech Teams to develop leading technology solutions and analytics for improved patient experiences and POC campaign performance.

Prior to Constant Media, Chris worked for Elite Sampling and Media Group since 2004 and developed extensive industry experience working as a digital artist and programmer and website developer.

Lori oversees Constant Media’s marketing efforts and content partnerships, while interfacing with some of the nation’s leading pharmaceutical companies and brands on their POC strategies.

Lori is a dynamic media executive credited with transforming many legacy media properties into highly relevant multi-media platforms delivering record-setting revenues and state-of-the-art assets and partnerships. Her executive-level experience includes Prevention, The Hollywood Reporter, Mademoiselle, Elle and Seventeen –to name a few.

She has spent the last six years immersed in the health and wellness space and is a champion for the patient-education experience.

Jennifer develops and maintains physician office partnerships in an effort to manage Constant Media’s growing network throughout the US.

While focusing on Point-of-Care growth, Jen continues to develop and implement effective recruitment strategies for our team in an effort to maximize all of our office/physician relationships and dialogue. Jen’s proactive and customer service-oriented style makes her an important asset both internally and with our network of 20,000 offices.

Jennifer has 15 years experience with pharmaceutical and financial Fortune 500 clients such as Schering Plough, Novartis, Merrill Lynch and Citigroup.

Contact Us

We encourage you to reach out to us for any questions you may have about joining our network or marketing your brand. We possess a strong track record with physicians and advertisers alike and are happy to discuss a partnership that works for you!