Constant Media: Enhancing the Physician-Patient Dialogue

Constant Media is proud to support the Point-of-Care (POC)experience by providing highly trusted health and wellness content on state-of-the art media assets to patients in doctors offices at a time when they value it most. Find out more about our media assets and capabilities below.

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About Constant Media

Our footprint extends into over 20.000 physician offices throughout the US across 26 different speciality practices. Our content and media assets are highly targeted to each practice within our network and designed to engage with patients as they prepare to meet with their physician. Our goal is to improve physician/patient dialogue and adherence to treatment therapies in an effort to deliver improved health outcomes.

Be Part of the Constant Media Experience

Whether you're a physician that wishes to improve your patients' health or a potential sponsor that wishes to educate consumers on a new drug therapy, we can create a customizable experience for you, delivering compelling media assets in the Waiting Room and/or Exam Rooms.

Content Matters

All of our media assets are highly credentialed and designed to deliver science-based and of-the-moment health and wellness articles, tips, and video content that inspires and motivates patients to take action and make better choices around their health. Our print content and video programming is tailored to each of our specialty networks so patients and physicians can benefit alike, and refreshed regularly.

Point-of-Care Media Works

We reach consumers prioritizing their health and taking that next step in their quest to live a healthy lifestyle or manage a disease state. It's a fact that 90% of consumers see their HCP as a major source for healthcare information and guidance and our in-office content adds value to the patient journey.

Constant Media delivers results

And we can prove it.

Our digital media assets allow for real-time metrics, campaign optimizations and an ability to test or deploy new creative quickly. Additionally, we have the ability to quantify your campaign with 3rd party research to validate ROI.

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